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The succeful students have the opportunity testimonials and below are some selected students.

“I have never seen such method of learning in my live, if all learning methods are this easy, then pigs can also learn things”
Christine Boyo.

“I used to see this thinking it is only for the Kawajas ( whites ), the credit goes to Kapital Digital Academy for making me assume a profession in video editing, God bless Kapital”
Kenyi Bosco

“I joined it thinking it was a joke; but now I am an editor in South Sudan TV…….. Digital Learning; you can learn at your own pace, speed; when you when you want; whether in the taxi or travel; you can basically learn it anywhere as matter of fact”
Dratu Richard

“One who does not understand with Kapital Digital Academy, will not learn the spellings of his name, it does not matter whether you are school dropout; you can still learn it. Kapital has demystify the mystery of computer for meeeeeeeeeeee……..”
Artist Kay Jelly

News and Events

South Sudan #Peacehackcamp 30th Nov to 2nd Dec, Juba, South Sudan

Join us to pioneer in the making of the South Sudanese Biggest Enterprenurial and Peace building event, Juba, South Sudan.

Bringing together peacebuilders, tech innovators and open culture advocates from across South Sudan and beyond to hack, code, make and collaborate for peace!

jHUB, Jubas' Open Knowledge and Innovation Hub

On the 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2015, join us to learn more about jHUB, the South Sudan's only and first Innovation HUB in the world's News Country... Join the brainers behind jHUB from the fine folks of Kapital Movie Collectives where real makers reveals' themselve. Now you have, Co-working Space, where you can work collaboratively in manner no more before; get mentorship training; Connect with your peers; even do more with easier. Conduct your research in our fully fledged lab.

Day one at the Kapital Virtual Academy, Monday, February 10th 2014

February 10th, 2014
2:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Kapital Virtual Academy is a Juba based grass-roots film, art, design, and entertainment training initiative located at the premises of UNESCO's South Sudan headquarters.