Kapital Movie Industry Corporation is a network of visionary young artists, documentarists, IT, Graphic Designers, Filmmakers, Web Designers, Camera Professional Video Editors, Film Directors, Visual Effect Artists, etc. who are interested in telling the story of their new country and helping to build its future. As a group committed to empowering the communities they live, work and study in Kapital Movie's focus messages are about health, conflict mitigation, and the development of peaceful methods of association through the power of films and short commercials.
At the moment, due to the under covering demands the industry demands, Kapital is heavily occupied by building the capacity of its member. As well as doing short films and TV Adverts. Members are being trained in how to edit videos, writing scripts, Gathering Story Banks
Memberships, Over 112 members from different ethnic origin are now members of the corporation, more rapidly the growth due youth’s strong aspiration to have steered the world through the power of Media. Our membership plan was to 50 members to be the pioneering stage but as information about the industry spread, more youths kept on pouring. Our membership is awarded on merit, to ensure right people are absorbed. Our memberships plan take into account different stages.

Media Coverage

Kapital Movies also offers coverages for media; like television advertisements, conferences both national and internationl. Our media coverage services are offered to any firm, televion or private organisation that might be interested.

Audio Production

Ofcourse, audio produced at Kapital’s Studios consequently is passed throgh the video production stage and post production. We offer sound effects, nature sounds impacts, swift, transition, ambient, we champion for local movies sound tracks and scores:

Video Production

Our video production scheme consists of video production for the local artists/musicians who are upcoming and attaining catching the maturity of other international artists. We provide them the immediate advantages that they can take; often they benefit from motion graphics tailored for music and short visual effects to add flavor to the video.

Graphics and Print Work

Kapital designs graphics for both commercial and study purposes. We offer graphic solutions depending on the clients' needs.