Is Juba based grass-roots film, art, design, and entertainment training initiative located at the premises of UNESCO's South Sudan headquarters. The Virtual Academy is a key activity of the Kapital Movie collective, an independent group of young designers, film makers, IT professionals and artists, most of whom are University students hailing from across South Sudan. Tapping the hopes, aspirations and dedication to create a new future beyond conflict they have come together to address the acute post-independence social, political, educational and environmental challenges arising from decades of civil war, with an urgent need to pro-actively strengthen and amplify the voice of youth seeking to eradicate the senseless violence that has now gripped the country from within.


History has it that KVA has been working as a completely ad hoc self-directed group in private homes, living rooms or student offices with little or no access to electricity, internet or any proper video production facilities. Downloading training videos on YouTube wherever they could get online access, sharing and often using 'found' copies of software to learn their skills, the KVA members now look to take advantage of the wide range and accessibility of open source tools, platforms and methodologies, including the use Open Educational Resources (OER). Fulfilling their desire to gain the skills needed to be able to ‘tell their own stories' the KVA recently celebrated its first batch of 'graduates'. Even with their informal and self-taught mastering of video making, editing software and media production they are now ready to take on mentoring roles for the new participants. With the assistance given by UNESCO in sharing their facilities, the Kapital Movie community now has a first tangible opportunity to develop their 'virtual academy' into a professional hands-on educational and capacity building entity for home grown South Sudanese film and video production, one that can perhaps become the country's first accredited and internationally recognized media academy.


The academy employs a unique and dynamic prototype in approaching knowledge delivery as compared to traditional formal class. The methodology is very simple, responsive and fast in delivering knowledge, first of all:

It has senior and junior instructors who carry out the lectures and guide the aspiring apprentices in their studies.

It has virtual teachers with most of whom from online training Open Education Resource (OER) and some materials downloaded from YouTube such as MIT Open Cast Channels) in this way Kapital Virtual Academy connect teachers from all over the word to students as far remote as South Sudan through the video lectures.

Guest speaker, our guest speaker consist of consultants, lecturers from within and international Universities, professionals from entertainment industries with rich experience in their respective areas of specialization to occasionally hold lectures in what is called “Experts Rounds”.