The South Sudan #Peacehackcamp for 2014-2015, is open, click here for more information.

The South Sudan Peace Hack Camp (#SSPEACEHACK!) is a yearly, intensive media literacy and inter-communal peace building project that taps into open source tools and media for their ability to promote collaborative enterprise in learning and innovation, foster mutually beneficial interaction among communities, enable shared ownership and effectively distribute gained knowledge. The project includes a introductory capacity building trajectory to train mentors in 'Open ICT' and video media solutions, running 2 thematic workshops that feed into a regional youth innovation event in the form of a 'hack-a-thon' or 'barcamp' meeting. #SSPEACEHACK aims at training and networking youths from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, levels of literacy or basic education, including those with informal education and people displaced by conflict. Initiated by a group of dedicated South Sudanese students, IT and media professionals the main #SSPEACEHACK! Event will address how to make and share media, not just consume it, while creating public awareness on the benefits Open ICTs, Innovation and Open Educational Resources (OERs) as vehicles for peace-building, development and national reconciliation.
Alongside the two thematic training workshop on Video Activism and ICT activism, the #Peacehackcamp event will bring peace builders, actors and entrepreneurs to a common gathering at a camps. This global gathering, #Peacehackcamp event with diverse content: Codeathon, Coding for All, Democratic Peace Forum, Chaired by Prof. Nelson Leben Moro, University of Juba, NGO Pecha Kucha, Show casing event.

This year 2014-2015’s Peacehackcamp event takes place at Central Equatorial Women’s Unions and Aggrey Jadem Cultural Centre on 30th Nov. to 2nd Dec. 2015.

This first pioneering #peacehackcamp is made possible by the generous support of the people of United States, USAID, through Internews, South Sudan, German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through icebauhaus and r0g-Agency for open culture and critical transformation.

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No classes from Monday, 14/ 04/ 2014 to Friday, 18/04/2014

There will be no classes starting on Monday 14/04/2014 to Friday 28/04/2014. This is to give Students enough time for the following assignment which should be done in successive 4 days.

  1. Write a 10 minutes movie script using the screenplay template in final draft of your own choice
  2. Script should be of your own, or can be an imaginative, creative work of your mind
  3. Script should either in soft copy or written on a piece of paper.
  4. In any instance should you write on pieces of paper, will you have one extra day at UNESCO on Saturday to type your work.
  5. Send your finished script in the .fdx format to the following e-mail before 2:00 AM Friday 28/04/2014

Monitoring the Assignment.
Meeting will be scheduled at Nyokuron Cultural Centre to monitor the progress of the assignment.