Registration Closed.

Registration for next session begins on 23rd /06/ 2014.

Qualification/ Requirements

A Valid of photocopy of Birth Certificate and National ID/ Passport
Academic Certificate, minimum of Secondary School Certificate or Higher
Should Demonstrate Excellent Communication Skills in English, local Arabi Juba is an added advantage.
Non-Refundable Application Fees of 35 SSP
Ownership of computer preferably Laptop will be an added advantage


If you have had experience in Artistic Work, send us your best work, photocopy of awards/ Acompalishment to Kapital Movie on a dvd. This will add value registration process.

Basics of Computer Science

All apprentices must demonstrate computer knowledge. Without a proff of knowledge of computer; No apprentice will be allowed to study other courses without finishing Fundamentals of Computer Science.

BoSCV C1 Examination

You may take a BoSCV C1 Examination on Fundamentals of Computer science to qualify for other courses.