Ahmed Osman


Education University of Juba College of art and humanity department of mass communication

Happy to get the opportunity to be part of Kapital Virtual Academy, the only teaching film and visual effects school in South Sudan. Am interested in the art of filming so that I inform and educate the public about modern and the changing world. I want to become a great graphic designer and encourage my friends and instructors to work towards achieving the goals of Kapital Movie Collective.

Hobby: football, politics, group chat, reading carton on news paper

Akomi Thomas


Graduated in Computer science at the University of Juba, South Sudan. I am happy to be here at Kapital Virtual Academy since I not only get more knowledge but also get the chance to practice and share the knowledge I have with my brothers and sisters at Kapital Movie Collective. I am partially student and Junior Instructor in Web Design.

Duku Gabriel


Born in 1991, and pursuing English and literature in University of Juba. Very interested in the plays and confidently am in position of looking for my hidden dreams in the star where Kapital Movie Industry is helping me to reach at the star so that I can change my world.
So will be a playwright in the nearest future after fully conquering the hidden dreams.

Isaac Mumur


I am Isaac Mumur. Participated in the talent search, 2013, I was the second award winner. I was looking for avenues to develop my talent. When my Lagu told me about Kapital Virtual Academy, I was excited to join and I am persuing Video production having completed scripting, basics of computer science.

Kenyi Bosco


I used to see this thinking it is only for the Kawajas (whites), the credit goes to Kapital Digital Academy for making me assume a profession in video editing, and God bless Kapital.
Kenyi Bosco



I will talk about myself when I see how Kapital is capable of my developing my ambitions.

I am Richard, my second name is not necessary. But I love South Sudan so much!

Christine Poni


Hello Lagu, thanks for uplifting us to another level. Big up Kapital, as we are trying to do our best for name of Kapital Virtual Academy. I want to be a teacher in filmmaking and I feel happy that Kapital Virtual Academy is the best place for me to achieve my dream.

Clement Loboi


I was perfectly and imperfectly born, don't ask me, what do i mean? Don't even bother to ask my date of birth because my date of birth was calculated by actuerial scientist, my illiterate father and mother. For the records, i was born around 15/5/1988, they told me so. I grew up in that village and taken for civilization to kenya, kakuma refugee camp where i murdered education to "o" level. During my time in school, i loved fun. Acting comedies and watching comedies. Here in south sudan, i just discovered i can write script and also direct through KAPITAL MOVIE INDUSTRY

Joshua Tom


I am officially known as Joshua Tom Lado aka. jay tom, I am an artist and a song writer I participated in talent search south Sudan 2013 as a contestant and eliminated in top10 episode 10, I like singing and rapping positive vibes, I am a student at Kapital Virtual Academy pursuing video editing and script writing, one love. 

Vicky Amal


DOB:7th JULY, I attended my primary education in Usraturna basic school in 1999 and finished in 2007 then I joined high school Certificate in Comboni Secondary School and graduated in 2011 and I'm currently in catholic university of south Sudan juba studying economics and business administration and a trainee in Kapital Virtual Academy.

My hobbies include reading (novels), music, sports, writing, cooking and watching movies.

And I'm so interested in film making, video editing, graphics and I believe one day I will be  one of the greatest producers the world have ever known.

Shagari Salah


DOB: 21st September.
Born in Yei, Finished secondary school in 2005, Have a Certificate in Mass Communication and media Studies from Unity College of Professional Studies Nairobi Kenya.
Was a presenter with Capital FM from 2008—2011. Volunteered with VOP FM for one week and Junubna FM for three Months.

Have a social media Page on Facebook called SCAMedia. Looking forward to become a video Producer and editor. I am interested in Learning Virtual effects and TV production.

Vuga William


The Day I was enrolled in Kapital Virtual Academy was a memorable day in my life. I always wanted to know how the mystery of Films and Video is done. The Effects and jumping of blood during slip throat in movie I watch make me wonder how such a thing is done. Certainly Kapital Virtual Academy has starting to make things clearer to my eyes. I will continue to strike to be the best visual effects artist to tell mind blowing stories.